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First General Meeting!

Our lives are complex.
People are everywhere.

As Sociology Students, we study people to make sense of it all.
As active Students, we break down patterns we see in everyday life.

Join us for the First General Meeting of the Sociology Students Association.

Maximize your education. Get your money’s worth. Learn about post-graduate opportunities. Build rapport amongst your sociology professors.

We welcome anyone & everyone.

WHAT: SSA First General Meeting
WHERE: LA5-148
WHEN: 5:00-6:15PM

Feel free to e-mail us with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions at:

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What Budget Cuts?



This is an urgent issue. We need everyone on board.

From the group:

“Concerned CSULB community member:

Having trouble affording tuition due to the latest fee increases? Know someone who is? Think that students deserve no bullshit when it comes to their EDUCATION?
Wednesday September 9
@ 2pm, RAZA Resource Center

Thursday September 10
@ 12pm, Meet by Prospector Pete Statue
Please wear black for this action and don’t forget your snarky posters and mourning props.

We are a coalition of students who are concerned and yes, a bit angry over the current status of public higher education. We are ready to converse, step up and make demands.

To kick off the semester, we are having an action on Thursday September 10 (12pm, meet by Prospector Pete statue) to garner interest. We will be passing out flyers to recruit students and to show the campus that some of us are quite concerned. We will be “mourning” for our education in a procession down Friendship Walk during Week of Welcome. Please wear black for this action and don’t forget your snarky posters and mourning props.

If you are interested in speaking logistics for September 10 and getting more involved, make sure to attend the coalition meeting on Wednesday September 9 @ 2pm, RAZA Resource Center (FO4 – 262). Get the location for the meeting and keep up-to-date by joining our mailing list: Just say you wish to sign-up.

While a few of us have planned this first action mainly for recruitment purposes, we are looking forward to working with anyone else interested on future events.”

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BOYCOTT: The Long Beach Hilton!

WHERE: Long Beach Hilton on 701 W. Ocean Blvd.
WHEN: Thursday, September 3rd, 12:00-12:30PM (PRESS CONFERENCE) and 5:00-7:00PM (RALLY).
WHY: We are supporters of the Long Beach Hilton workers.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? E-mai the Students United For Justice:

MORE INFO: Students United For Justice Blog

OR, visit

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The Sociology Student Research Conference

The Sociology Student Research Conference

Support your friends and colleagues. Join us for our annual student conference.
We will have free food and drinks.

The Lineup:
Stephen Barnett
Emmanuel Reyes
Marian Azab
Marwa Itani

Where? University Student Union Room-205.
When? 12PM-1PM.

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Join us!!!

Artists for Environmental Justice


We are promoting local environmental issues.  In addition we will have live art, musicians, face painting, silent auction, and guest speakers.


You are all invited to the festival!

Where:  The Soroptomist House at CSULB.

When:  Thursday, April 23, 7:00pm-9:30pm.


Feel free to bring everyone.  The event is all ages!

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The Sociology Student Conference

The Sociology Student Research ConferenceThe Sociology Student Research Conference


Have you written a paper that you truly enjoy?  I mean, one that you’ve handed into the professor, knowing outright that any less than an A+ and you’ll overthrow President Alexander’s office in one raging Red-bull induced rampage?  I’m sure you haven’t.  But, we would like to see it.

We are having a call for papers.  Any paper.  Good papers.  Bad ones, too.  Either way, we want you to send it to us.  And, we want YOU to present at our annual Sociology Student Conference on May 5 at noon.

Let us know.  And we’ll let you know how good you are.

Best, John Guevarra.


Send all papers to: with the subject title: “S.S.C. Paper”

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SSA/AKD Meeting!

We will be holding our last meeting before spring break on Thursday, Mar. 17, in USU-304 at 6:30 p.m.  Meetings will resume Thursday, April 10; same time, same place.

All those weeks of preparation and discussion have served us well.  This week we’ll be doing an experiment on behalf of Greenpeace called the Sustainable Seafood Campaign.  We all know about global warming, but you might not have heard thatglobal fisheries are predicted to collapse in forty years if trends continue.  We want to help Greenpeace to influence the way the fishing industry operates by monitoring supermarkets.

So, Thursday we are going to go to the local supermarkets as a group to survey them with the activist toolkit Greenpeace provided us.

Any questions, feel free to contact us.  GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!

CSULB Sociology Student Association and Alpha Kappa Delta 

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AKD/SSA Meeting Tomorrow: You and Graduate School

Tomorrow’s meeting will focus on the steps of graduate school. More in-depth we will look at:

  • What can sociologists do after graduating? 
  • What schools fit you? 
  • The GRE 
  • The Personal Statement 
  • Letters of Recommendation 

Where: USU-304 
When: 6:30PM-7:15PM 
If you have already applied to graduate school, or have post-grad plans set, please feel free to come by and share your comments.




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General Meet-up: You and Human Rights.

We will be holding our next meeting on Thursday, Mar. 5, in USU-304 at 6:30 p.m.  Bring your friends because we’ll be doing some fun activities to learn about human rights and what it means to you.  And of course, we’ll break down what we’re doing this month and how you can get involved.  Also, free refreshments and opportunities to connect with fellow colleagues.

What?  General Meeting for SSA and AKD

Where/When?  Thursday, March 5, USU-304 @ 6:30PM.

What to bring?  Yourself!


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Tupac Shakur, world-famous sociologist.

Hip-hop: is it a vehicle for politics?  The video clip below cuts up interviews and songs by the world famous rapper, Tupac Shakur.  Well, I guess politics, gender equality, and theories on social stratification come easy when your mother is former Black Panther, Assata Shakur.  Whatever it is, peep this video:


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